Los Angeles’s hottest boutique fitness experience is Drenched, with it’s hip club vibe that connects clients to heated fast-paced classes for a lean, strong body.

Looking for the Holy Grail of all your favorite workouts?! From Pilates Reformer, DJ’d Hip Hop Yoga, Barre Fight to Heated Sculpt Classes Drenched has everything you need to build a lean strong body. Our staff shows up to every class on full throttle, 100% ready to kick your ass!

“Oh how I’ve fallen in love with Drenched!!  I am an avid gym hopper because I always like to try new things and switch it up but I keep finding myself back at Drenched. From my first class, walking in nervous to a space that looked like it was plucked from the poshest street in L.A., any wariness I had quickly melted away because of the welcoming energy of Angela and the whole class’s willingness to help the new girl. Whenever my friends ask me about Drenched, FUN is the word that comes to mind. Followed by TOUGH! Everyone is allowed to go at their own pace, yell out during a booty burning move, jam out when their favorite song comes on, or sit right under the heaters and detox their weekend away. Everyone needs a gym that they get to call “FUN” which isn’t usually my first adjective for working out, but Drenched has won the title!”

-Kelli Goss, Actress

“As a professional dancer, who is always on the go, I need a quick and effective workout that keeps my body feeling strong and energized. Drenched never disappoints whether I need yoga after a long day of dance rehearsals or a sculpt class to start my morning, Drenched is my go to!”

-Charlize Glass, professional dancer, actor, model

What really makes Drenched stand out, besides the beautiful space that is basically an interior design Pinterest board of your dreams, is the energy inside those four walls. The heart of Drenched is our fun welcoming personality, encouragement and genuine care about our students that spills out onto everyone and is what keeps our classes booked.