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Looking for a new way to sweat? Get drenched at Drenched, open now! Hip Hop Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, and Barre. With our wide variety of classes and styles of training there is no studio out in the Los Angeles County area like it. All of our classes offer a wide variety of modifications if you are just starting out in your fitness journey!  Or if you are an athlete looking for an intense workout this is the place to be challenged and test your strength, endurance and push your body to a whole new level! What’s beautiful:Knowing success is covered in sweat! Don’t wait grab a friend and come become be part of the Drenched family.

Angela was awesome! It was first ever time in a heated class so I was absolutely dying, but her energy kept me going. She also got me a bottle of water after I finished the one I brought. I plan on coming back!

Class Pass Member

Hot Boxing was such a great mix of boxing and strength/stretch on the Matt or barre. The flow meant the heat wasn’t too overpowering as there were ample recovery breaks between bag work. I loved it and will definitely go again!

Drenched Member

Awesome class and instructor! Loved the music and def felt the burn. The heat intensifies the workout but you feel great after. Can’t wait to do this class again!

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Didn’t realize this was a heated class. I walked in an was like oh sh**, but I pushed through the heat and it was actually a really fun class. Love how the lights are dimmed so all you focus on is you. Didn’t mind just wearing only my sport bra and pants and having my belly rolls hang out because everyone is so focused on themselves. Will be back.

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