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Pilates Reformer Certification $1500
In person learning will consist of 32 hours in studio instruction for reformer certification.

Dates and times:
July 9th 4:45pm-8:45pm
July 10th 11-5pm
July 11th 11-5pm

July 23rd 4:45pm-8:45pm
July 24th 11-5pm
July 25th 11-5pm

Reformer Program Includes:
– pilates anatomy 
– effective communication and observation skills
– modifications for specific body types, postural issues and conditions
– instruction in observing and analyzing posture and movement.
– development of cueing, coaching and teaching skills.
– exercise layering related to effective program design
– use of props including jump boards, magic circle, and bands
– mat and reformer transitions
– equipment safety

You’ll be taught by experienced trainer Angela Parretta who can mentor you on your education path.  With a degree in Physical Therapy and over 20 years of teaching experience, Angela will enhance your knowledge and expertise with a contemporary Pilates repertoire. 
Get hired by and start teaching at the top studios in the industry.

Requirements for Certificate of Completion:
32 hour in person training
25 hours observation (in studio or online)
25 hours student teaching (Drenched facility will be available to teach friends, family, etc.)
Passing score on quizzes and final exam/practical exam.

200-Hour Power Yoga Certification  $1500
This 200-hour certification course is designed to provide you with applicable knowledge and practical experience built on a strong foundation where you will be able to effectively and confidently guide a power yoga class. You will deepen your personal practice while receiving an education in a heated environment where you will understand personal transformation through physical asana of aligning mind, body, and spirit where you can guide students through their own practice

Dates and Times:
July 15-August 26
Thursdays: 6:45-9pm
Sundays: 11am-5pm

Learning outcomes:
– understand the philosophy of yoga 
– master power series focusing on strength, balance, flexibility, and alignment
– connect with the benefits of yoga
– breathing and meditation
– fundamentals of a class
– effective and empowering cueing
– confidence in front of a room of students
– music, playlists, lighting and setting the vibe!
– anatomy
– assisting
– class management
-business of yoga

You’ll be taught by experienced Yoga Instructor, Vanessa Bronson.  With over 8 years of committed practice and 300 hours of certified training through CorePower Yoga, Vanessa provides a class experience to meet all levels. Having trained everyone from seniors to professional athletes in Power, Vinyasa, and Sculpt, Vanessa will teach you how to empower yourself and your students through the practice of yoga and the art of teaching.

Requirements for Certificate of Completion:
60 hours in-person training
60 hours of yoga classes (either in studio or online)
25 hours of practice teaching (this can be done at home)
8 hours of karmic yoga practice
5 hours of class observation (in studio or online)
 remaining hours committed to reading, journaling, and self-study 
Some hours may be completed outside of the 7 week training program* 

$2700 Pilates Reformer and 200-Hour Power Yoga

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